Traveling Crucifix


The Church needs young men and women eager to commit their lives to serving in a sacrificial way through the priesthood and consecrated life. This cannot be accomplished without prayer. The Serra Club of Southwest Denver invites your parish to participate in this program and help cultivate a positive environment dedicated to fostering future vocations.  The Traveling Crucifix Program is a Vocation Prayer Program.  Through a series of prayers and reflections, it encourages families to participate in prayerful discussions about the priesthood and consecrated life.

The Traveling Crucifix Program directly involves parishioners.  Once each month, at Mass, volunteer parishioners will accept the Traveling Crucifix and the responsibility of praying for vocations at home with their family.  If possible, the priest will call the family to the altar after communion to receive the Crucifix and prayers. The family takes the Crucifix home and displays it in a prominent place of honor for all members to see during the week. Each day, perhaps after dinner or before bed, the family will come together to pray for and concentrate on vocations to the priesthood, diaconate, and consecrated life.  Families with children may take time to explain and prompt young children and teenagers to consider how God is calling them into a deeper relationship with Him.

Participants may add comments on their experiences to a memory book included with the crucifix.  Thoughts, ideas, and prayers or plans that result from their prayer experience can be included.

At the end of the month, return the Crucifix to the Parish Office. Thank you for your prayers and assistance in helping to promote vocations!