Student Vocation Night

The Serra Club of Southwest Denver has a religious vocation program designed to assist youth ministers at the parishes offer an evening of discussion about vocations with students.  The goal of the program is to prompt students to think about vocations and discernment in their own lives.  A secondary goal is to urge the importance of “keeping the faith” as students begin to make important life decisions about college and careers.

The evening includes a dancing version of musical chairs as an ice breaker to start with some fun and levity and get the students involved.  Then, a Serran sings a song accompanied with guitar.  Lyrics are handed out and students discuss the meaning of the lyrics.  This song is a starting point to discussing vocations and the importance of developing spiritual aspects of their lives.  Finally, a current seminarian from St John Vianney Seminary addresses the students.  He tells his own personal Vocation Story including the steps he took to pursue his vocation.  He then opens for questions and urges the students to strive for spiritual growth in their lives regardless of what career choices they make.